How to Work With Special Pharmacies to Find a Solution

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Some people are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with a rare or complicated illness that requires a different approach when it comes to care. They may need to see someone other than their family doctor and consult with a specialist to get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution. They may be advised to take a certain medication that's not commercially available and something that needs to be precisely prepared. If you're in this situation, you may need to work with a compound prescription pharmacy — but what is involved here and where do you find such a place?

Special Preparation

In order to provide you with your medication, a specially licensed chemist will need to prepare the drug or treatment according to the instructions laid down by the specialist. This expert will work in a facility that has been set up to be a compound pharmacy and they will have access to the tools and training to help them do the job properly.

Only certain pharmacies are designated in this way, and you will need to ask your doctor to provide you with a list of those facilities that are near to you. These facilities need to conform with regulations and standards that have been laid down by state and federal authorities, and their work is very precise. They will consult with your doctor or specialist as needed to make sure that the solution is perfect for your condition.

Other Services

Sometimes an otherwise available drug may have been taken off the market recently or be in short supply. In this case, they'll be able to replicate that product to help you. Alternatively, you may not be able to access a commercially available drug as you are sensitive to a particular ingredient. For example, some drugs have trace amounts of gluten, and if you are allergic to this, then the pharmacist will be able to reformulate the drug instead.


These compound pharmacies can also create drugs that are non-sterile, but which are nevertheless made from very precise ingredients. These may include creams, liquids or ointments as indicated by your medical team. Ask your doctor for more information.

Options for You

You'll be pleased to hear that you still have options for treatment, despite your complex medical case. Remember, each compound pharmacist has received special training and has access to the right tools to perform this important work for you.